Synthetic Flextex silver

Built upon 20 years of industry experience, FlexTex underlayment is poised to revolutionize the construction industry. 
Gripspot technology is unique in two principal aspects, it creates an uneven plane that allows for greater traction and it allows water run-off to flow through the lower channels, ensuring that contact points are as dry as possible. For installers, this provides unparalleled safety, decreasing the likelihood of falls and injury. For homeowners, FlexTex Gripspot technology ensures that your roof-installation is a stress-free and speedy process.

FlexTex prioritizes the need for sustainable development in every aspect of the construction industry. In keeping with this goal, FlexTex Synthetics are 100% recyclable and provide excellent UV protection for your home. At FlexTex we work hard to ensure that all of our products are environmentally friendly.


Roofing felt is the most commonly used form of roofing underlayment. We supply organic roof felt which is asphalt saturated. The felt comes in 36" wide rolls and its thickness is gauged in pounds per 100 square feet. 15lb felt will cover approximately 400 sq. ft. while a roll of 30lb felt will cover 200 sq. ft. Felt may be adjoined to the roof via staples, nails or fasteners. Felt cannot be left exposed on the roof for an extended period of time due to its fragility. Unfortunately, felt is also known to tear easily and is not particularly wind or sun resistant. Felt is used primarily under cedar shakes as well as laminated asphalt shingles, although it is slowly being taken over by synthetic underlay in popularity.